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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Panthers Place Marty Hurney On Paid Leave

The Carolina Panthers have put their interim GM Marty Hurney on paid leave after his ex-wife accused him of harassment.  The NFL is also conducting an investigation, via The Charlotte Observer:

The NFL is investigating Hurney under the league’s personal conduct policy, team spokesman Steven Drummond said. The Panthers notified the NFL that Hurney’s ex-wife filed on Friday for a protective order. Hurney notified the Panthers on Sunday of the filing, Drummond said.

The judge who heard Jeanne Hurney’s complaint said there was no evidence Hurney had committed acts of domestic violence against her. District Judge Ronald Chapman refused to issue an immediate restraining order against Marty Hurney. Chapman set a Feb. 16 hearing on the complaint.

Case closed right?  Hurney's ex-wife's request for a restraining order was denied by a judge.