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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Nick Foles Brought The City Of Philadelphia A Championship, See All His Touchdown Passes

Finally Philadelphia! Eagles fans will be reveling in this improbable season for years to come. But the question for next season is, what do they do with Foles when Wentz returns?  For deeper insight into this season, my team at Fanatics created an interactive that mapped every single regular season touchdown, where the QB was when he threw it, how far it traveled in real air yards, and where the receiver was when he caught it. It allows for insights far deeper than official stat lines:
  • Nick Foles can make big plays. His TD passes traveled an average of 32 air yards compared to 35 for Carson Wentz and just 28 air yards per TD for Brady.
  • Alshon Jeffery isn’t just a red zone threat to score. 40% of his touchdowns were scored on receptions where he was at least 15 yards from the end zone.
  • Wentz was a big play machine: 5 of his TD passes came with him standing at or behind his own 40-yard line.
Here’s the interactive. Just type in a quarterback or receiver’s name and you’ll see all their TDs. You can also filter by team and week.