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Friday, January 19, 2018

Twitter's Number One Doctor, Pro Football Doc, Says Tom Brady Likely Suffered An Open Finger Dislocation

The big news in the NFL ahead of the NFC and AFC Championship games is the injury to Tom Brady's right hand.  The GOAT jammed his hand into a teammate during practice on Wednesday and suffered an injury the Patriots aren't giving specifics on.

Brady was on the practice field on Thursday, but was wearing a glove on his hand and only participated in warmups.

Twitter's number one football doctor, Pro Football Doc, weighed in on the injury and believes Brady suffered an open finger dislocation.  An open finger dislocation is when the bone dislocates and pokes through the skin, via Pro Football Doc:

An open dislocation of the PIP (proximal interphalageal joint, the middle joint on the finger) is most common. This injury most frequently happens to the pinky or ring finger, which would be the least troublesome for a quarterback. The thumb would be most devastating in terms of the ability grip the ball and spin it on passes.

It's a great theory, if in fact, Brady is actually injured.  Nobody should put this past Bill Belichick as just another one of his mind games.