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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Paige Spirinac Drops An Incredible Selfie For Fitness

Pro golfer Paige Spirinac announces the beginning of a six week fitness program on Instagram with an incredible selfie.  She's teamed up with her personal trainer to put the program together.

Here's part of Paige's announcement:

Awhile back I asked who wanted to do a 6 week fitness plan with me, well that plan drops TOMORROW at 10 am est! I love fitness but I don’t know everything so I teamed up with my certified trainer to give you all a great program. We created one specifically for men and one for women. Let’s start this year off right! We want everyone to have a positive experience and reach their individual goals!

If you want a body as smoking hot as Paige's is in this picture then you should definitely check out her fitness program.