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Friday, January 19, 2018

Jets Receiver Robby Anderson Gets Arrested Then Delivers One Of The Best Arrest Lines Of All-Time "I'm Going To F*ck Your Wife And Nut In Her Eye"

Jets receiver Robby Anderson was arrested for driving 105 in a 45 mph zone.  During the arrest he delivered one of the best arrest lines of all-time and more impressively, did so completely sober, via TMZ Sports:

When Anderson was being transported to the police dept., the police report says, "that when he got out he was going to find my wife, f*ck her and nut in her eye."

"He continued to make other verbal threats towards my family. Based on his statements it was clear that he intended to sexually assault my wife."

"He also began to brag about how much money he has and how all I was doing was trying to do is 'Ruin his fun.'"

Again, there is no mention of him being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  What a complete savage.  This is how you get yourself a long-term deal.