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Monday, January 1, 2018

Golf Rangefinder Buying Guide

Whether you love golf game or you are a player, you may have come across the device referred to as a golf rangefinder. A golf rangefinder is a device that is used by the golf players to accurately measure the distance of various fixed points at the golf course. The rangefinders come in different types for the players to select from depending on the usage and ability to operate it. Therefore, to get the best device to use, follow the below buying guide.

Buying guide of the best golf rangefinder

Ease to use

Choose a golf rangefinder that is easy to use and does not give you a hard time while playing. Keep in mind that a rangefinder is a device that enables you to achieve an accurate and smooth view of a point at the course. Thus the easier it is easy to operate the more precise viewing you will get. Also by using an easy to manage rangefinder, your golfing experience will be fun and easy too.

The magnification

The rangefinders come with different magnifying powers. The magnification ranges from 7 x and above. Some of the factors that you need to keep in mind when choosing a rangefinder depending on the magnifying power are the distance you wish to measure. If the golf course has farther courses, consider buying a rangefinder that has a high magnifying power. Also if the field is not clear or you need a rangefinder that you can use during the extreme weather conditions, buy a device that has a high magnifying power. In other words the more senior the magnification power, the higher possibilities of hitting the target.

The price

The rangefinders are not sold at the same price due to the features and qualities they have. For example, some rangefinders are equipped with easy to read numbers which are marked in red. Acquiring such a golf rangefinder device will cost you more money as compared to an average device. Also if the rangefinder has a high-resolution power, the price is relatively high as compared to the one with low resolving power. Research about the different rangefinders on the market and their costs to see which ones you should buy.

The size

You need a device that is easy and comfortable to hold while you take a view, but at the same time, too small rangefinder may cause you to have an uneven viewing. Also, if you are used to using both hands to acquire an accurate display, buying a small rangefinder may be inconveniencing for you. Therefore choose a device that is of a medium size and comfortable to hold. It should not either too large or too small.


This is the first feature that you should check when buying a rangefinder. Each rangefinder is designed to reach a particular area for viewing measured in yards. So, make sure that you select a device that will provide accurate reading depending on the size of your golf course.

For actual estimation and viewing at the golf course, you need to use the best and most appropriate golf range finder. Use the above buying guide to assist you in selecting the best and most convenient rangefinder for your golfing. Know your needs and the design of the golf club before buying the device.