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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A Warrant Was Issued For Floyd Mayweather Sr. For Allegedly Punching A Woman

Floyd Mayweather Sr. had a warrant issued for his arrest because of an alleged incident that took place following the Canelo vs. GGG fight.

Mayweather Sr. allegedly pulled a woman out of his car and punched her, via TMZ Sports:

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Sports ... the alleged incident went down in Vegas the early hours of Sept. 17 ... following the big Canelo vs. GGG fight.

We're told the alleged victim was heading toward Floyd's car when an argument broke out between the two. Floyd allegedly told the woman to get out of the car, but she refused so he reached in and dragged her out by the leg.

65-year-old Floyd allegedly made things worse by punching her in the leg once she was out of the car. The accuser claims Floyd then got in the driver's seat and sped off without her.

Must be where Junior got it from...