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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Carolina Panthers Celebrated Their Christmas Eve Victory With A Ron Rivera Led "Mr. Richardson on Three"

A huge Christmas Eve win for the Carolina Panthers guarantees them a playoff spot.  In the locker room after the game Ron Rivera led them in a victory chant.

Rivera said, "just remember guys this is about team, everything we do is about team, most important thing is about team, okay?"

Seems pretty tame and a normal break down following a win, until this last part, "alright, do me a favor, Mr. Richardson on three."

Oh Ron, how could you?  Why would you break it down with a "Mr. Richardson?"  Especially when he's being investigated for sexual misconduct.  Not to mention a few racial slurs he hurled over the years.

I get you want to show support and at this point it's really just allegations.  But haven't you heard?  Where there's smoke, there's fire.