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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

John Elway's Daughter Takes On The Haters On The Gram

Juliana Elway has had enough of the haters coming at her father for the Broncos failures this season.  So she's taking to the gram to come at the haters.

I will always be his #1 fan no matter what. People are so quick to blame and give up the one time the Broncos are struggling. No one has any clue how hard my dad or anyone else for that matter, works to build the best team possible. I may be biased but I doubt anyone that is hating could do a better job than him. Not every year is going to be a Super Bowl team. This is a learning year and I will stick with them through the end. If you can’t be with the team at their worst then you definitely don’t deserve to be there at their best.

Isn't that sweet?  The Broncos still suck!