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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Derek Jeter Lowered Himself Into The Dumpster And Met With Marlins Fans

Derek Jeter lowered himself into the dumpster and held a town hall with Marlins fans.  As one would expect the town hall didn't go well.

Jeter attempted to explain to fans of a team that hasn't had a winning season since 2009, that the long term goal of the rebuild is to win, via the New York Post:

“We didn’t buy this team to continue losing money or more importantly losing games,” Jeter said, attempting to separate his ownership group from Loria’s long unfavorable one.

As expected, the loser Marlins fans couldn't wrap their loser minds around that.

Fans threw complaints at him ranging from immature ushers at Marlins Park to getting rid of three key offensive players to the team’s unknown financial future. Except for the fan who claimed he emailed Jeter about the ushers, to which Jeter replied, “You don’t have my email address,” the 43-year-old brushed off all the emotionally charged questions by asking the fans to stay patient with him.

Let Jeter fix your lousy team.  All the man knows how to do is win.  Let Jeter do Jeter things.