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Friday, December 22, 2017

A Former Lambeau Field Employee In Custody After Driving His Vehicle Into Other Vehicles Then Into The Stadium

A former Lambeau Field employee is in custody after he allegedly chased down a person with his vehicle.  The person he was chasing is reportedly someone that he had an altercation with that led to his firing, Green Bay Press Gazette:

The suspect crashed his car into the other person's vehicle shortly after 1 p.m., forcing it under a minivan that was parked in front of it. He chased the victim with his car as the victim ran toward the loading dock on the south side of the stadium, Smith said.

The suspect drove into a loading area and entered the interior of the stadium before crashing in a storage area. He was able to enter the stadium because a security gate had been raised for a truck, Smith said.

People go nuts around the holidays.  I don't think Santa's going to be visiting this dude, not that he makes any stops in Green Bay anyway.