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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

High School Football Coach Was Suspended For Slapping A Player In The Head To Test His Helmet

A Winslow, New Jersey High School Football coach was suspended after a video surfaced of him on social media slapping a player in the head to test his helmet, via

Winslow Township athletic director and football coach Kemp Carr has been suspended for giving a player a hard slap on the side of the helmet, according to a district official with knowledge of the incident and discipline. The slap was captured on video that recently was posted to social media.

We've all gone soft.  The kid had a helmet on after all.  He didn't slap the kid without a helmet.

How else is he supposed to make sure the helmet fits?  And how else is he supposed to make sure the kid can handle a celebration?

Lots of head slapping going on after making a good play.  Soft ass Millennials.  Go play a sport that doesn't require contact if you don't want your coach slapping the shit out of you.