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Monday, November 13, 2017

Doctor Calls The NFL Concussion Protocol A Joke After Jacoby Brissett Was Allowed To Return Despite Getting KO'd

The NFL's concussion protocol is an absolute joke.  We saw that on Thursday night after Russell Wilson took a helmet to the chin and we saw it again on Sunday.

Jacoby Brissett took a shot to the back of the head, appeared to lose consciousness, needed help getting up and was allowed to return the next series.

The NFL was called on Twitter by a doctor:

#NFL #concussion protocol is a fraud. QB Jacoby Brissett goes back in after showing the clearest concussions signs of the season. Helmet-to-helmet hit, holds head, then goes limp, then needs help up. You don't need a protocol to hold this player out for the game. Check the tape:

Not surprising, Brissett suffered from concussion symptoms after the game.