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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Boston Sports Radio Hosts Mock Roy Halladay's Death "He Got What He Deserved"

Awful Announcing posted audio from 98.5 The Sports Hub’s radio broadcast of Felger and Mazz on Wednesday.  The two Boston radio hosts mocked the death of Roy Halladay after finding out he was flying the plane erratically before the crash.

Michael Felger went in on Halladay the hardest, at one point saying "he got what he deserved."

"He’s not a militarily-trained pilot, he’s not a professionally-trained pilot, he’s a Joe Q. Citizen who buys a plane that folds up and you can put in your garage and that’s amphibious, ‘Wheee! Oh look, I just landed on the water, everybody! I’m going to tweet it!’ Splat. You’re dead. With two kids. Moron."

When you see the video of Halladay screwing around shortly before the crash, it does change your mind about the whole thing.

With that said I still don't think you go this hard in the lane.  Don't get me wrong criticism of Halladay is absolutely warranted.