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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Aaron Rodgers Comes To Packers Doctor's Defense After Martellus Bennett Trashed Him

Aaron Rodgers wasn't going to let Martellus Bennett trash his friend and Packers team doctor without speaking out.  Bennett took to Instagram on Friday, after he was released by Green Bay, and he trashed the Packers and the doctor for the handling of his shoulder injury.

Rodgers responded to Bennett's comments on his Instagram and made it clear he was on the team doctor's side.

I've been working with Dr. McKenzie for 13 years, and as well as being a phenomenal doctor, he's also become a close friend. He's done surgery on me twice, and I trust him and his opinion implicitly. Doc has always tried to protect me and my future, even if it meant protecting me from myself and my desire to get back on the field before I should. #gbpfamily #mydoc #ibackpat

It doesn't look like Bennett will ever be back on the Packers sideline.