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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Yuli Gurriel Admits To Mocking Yu Darvish And To Using A Racial Slur

Following the Astros Game 3 victory over the Dodgers, Yuli Gurriel had to answer questions about mocking Yu Darvish after hitting a homer off of him.

The Astros first baseman admitted he was mocking Darvish with a racist gesture and also revealed using a racial slur in the dugout, The New York Times:

Gurriel, 33, apologized and also acknowledged using the Spanish word “Chinito,” which can be a demeaning term for Asians, when he was in the dugout.

“I just feel bad,” Gurriel said through an interpreter. “If anybody got offended over there, it was not my intention.”

It looks like Gurriel is familiar with Houston Texans owner Bob McNair's recent apology.  What is going on in Houston?

Darvish was aware of Gurriel's gesture and he sent a tweet out following the game addressing it.