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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Sam Ponder Expresses Her Displeasure With Barstool Sports Ahead Of Their Debut On ESPN

Sam Ponder took to Twitter on Monday night into Tuesday morning to express her displeasure with Barstool Sports.  This comes ahead of Barstool's late Tuesday night, early Wednesday morning show debut on ESPN2.

The show is called "Barstool Van Talk" and features Barstool Sports personalities, Big Cat and PFT Commenter.  The two also host the wildly successful sports podcast Pardon My Take.  Ever heard of it?

The tweet that Ponder sent welcoming Big Cat to ESPN contains screenshots from an article written about her on  An article that takes a few shots at her and her ability to cover sports.

Ponder was initially under the impression that Big Cat had written the post.  He did not.  The post was actually written by the website's founder Dave Portnoy.

The fact that Big Cat wasn't the one who wrote the article didn't change her stance on him and ESPN's partnership with the website.

Ponder's in a no win situation here.  If she has an issue then she should take it up with her employer, otherwise she should stick to politics like the rest of the ESPN personalities.