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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Michelle Beadle's Racist And Sexist Remarks Will Go Unpunished By ESPN

Michelle Beadle managed to turn Cam Newton's sexist comments to a female reporter into a rant against white men.

That's right.  She told white men during a segment on Sports Nation, that was about Newton's sexist comments, to "shut up and listen."  To shut up and listen to her and all of her infinite wisdom.

Because clearly it was white men that made Cam Newton laugh at a female reporter's question about routes.  It was also white men who made the female reporter a lover of racist jokes.

If only we could rid this world of all white men, then we would have a much better place to live.  A place free from racism and sexism. 

You know the white men at MSESPN jizzed into their handbags when they heard Beadle making her political statement.