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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Listen To How Depressed Joe Buck Is After Masahiro Tanaka Strikes Out A Hitter To Get Out Of A Jam

You can usually tell what team Joe Buck wants to win when he's broadcasting a game.  That is never more apparent than when the Yankees are playing.

Buck just can't help himself.  That is the case this year as he has been broadcasting the American League Championship Series between the Astros and Yankees.

Jose Altuve has barely been able to play because he can't get his dick out of Buck's big dumb mouth.  His erection, whenever the Astros make any kind of play, can be felt through the TV.

Yet the series has taken a turn with the Yankees tying it at 2 games apiece.  With it Buck's depression has grown.  The depression was too much for Buck in Game 5 and it came through loud and clear.

Masahiro Tanaka struck out an Astros hitter with two outs and two runner's on.  Buck in the throws of depression remained silent and then delivered a subdued, "Tanaka through five.  Two nothing New York."

Fuck you Joe Buck and your limp tiny dick!