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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Joe Maddon Gets Ejected From Game 1 Of The NLCS After The Stupid Buster Posey Rule Overturns An Out

The Cubs threw out a Dodgers runner at the plate after the catcher used his leg to block the runner's hand from touching the plate.

That is a no, no in the new soft ass world we live in now.  The Buster Posey rule has ruined another play at the plate.

With the soft ass rule a catcher must leave a lane for the runner at the plate.  By sticking his leg out to block the plate, Wilson Contreras didn't leave a lane.

The out was reversed on replay and a run was awarded to the Dodgers.  Cubs Manager Joe Maddon was not happy at all about the reversal and was tossed for arguing the reversal.