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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Joe Girardi Blows Game 2 Of The ALDS, Should Be Fired Immediately

New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi's incompetence was on full display on Friday night in Cleveland.  Unfortunately this is not anything new.  His decision making with an 8-3 lead is the reason the Yankees lost the game.

Girardi got things started by taking out C.C. Sabathia, despite the fact that after a rough first inning, he was on a roll.  He then failed to challenge a hit by a pitch that clearly hit the knob of the bat and changed the entire game.

That decision led to a grand slam that pulled the Indians within a run.  He later left David Robertson in too long and did the same at the end of the game with Dellin Betances.

An all around terrible game, but not surprising Girardi is an awful manager.  It is time for him to be given the pink slip and immediately.  Before Game 3.