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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Jenn Sterger Calls Out ESPN, Sam Ponder and Sarah Spain

After ESPN canceled Barstool Van Talk due to a past post about current ESPN employee Sam Ponder, Jenn Sterger revealed that she was mistreated multiple times by an ESPN employee.

Sterger also dug up an old tweet from Sam Ponder, that describes Sterger as a woman with brown hair and big boobs, during the NFL's investigation into Brett Favre's inappropriate texts to Sterger when she worked for the Jets.

Not exactly a tweet you'd expect from a champion for women.

Sterger also called out Sarah Spain over some of her past comments and made her apologize.

It's funny how both Ponder and Spain don't think they should be held accountable for things they said in their past, but feel Barstool should.  Not only that, every Barstool employee should be held accountable for every other employee's comments.

Just insane.  It underlines what a big mistake pointing fingers at Barstool is when you've got shit of your own that you wouldn't want out there.

Sterger should reveal the ESPN employee who is responsible for her mistreatment.  They should be fired.