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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Florida Man Suffered Third Degree Burns After A Bet On The Packers-Cowboys Game

An intoxicated Florida man was taken to the hospital with second and third degree burns after a bet on the Packers-Cowboys game went wrong.  The man, a Cowboys fan, made a bet with his Packers fan wife.

The loser would have their jersey burned.  The Cowboys lost so the man's jersey was set on fire.  He attempted to put the burning jersey on, suffering the burns, via ABC 10:

The bet was simple -- the fan of the winning team would burn the losing team's fan's jersey, according to an Indian River County Sheriff's Office incident report.

After the Packers won 35-31, Hook and Silyers went outside and lit Silyers' Cowboys jersey on fire.

Silyers "then grabbed the jersey with his right arm and attempted to put it on while it was on fire," he told the investigating deputy, according to the incident report.

Just another Sunday evening in the lovely state of Florida.  There's nothing hotter in the streets than burning jerseys.