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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Bruce Arians Says The Cardinals Aren't Interested Colin Kaepernick Because They Don't Carry Three QBs

The Arizona Cardinals are the latest team to lose a quarterback due to injury and the latest team to pass on Colin Kaepernick.  According to head coach Bruce Arians, the Cardinals don't carry three quarterbacks.

There's only one problem with that statement.  Prior to Carson Palmers injury the Cardinals had Palmer, Drew Stanton and Blaine Gabbert.

Unless my math is incorrect, that's three quarterbacks, via ABC15:

"We've never had more than two (quarterbacks) on our roster since I've been here.  We liked Blaine Gabbert so much that we kept him this year, so we're really where we always are, and not looking (for another quarterback)," Arians said, adding the team might look to add a QB to its practice squad.

They just don't want Kaepernick, and that's fine, just say that.  To pretend Stanton and Gabbert are better and that you don't carry three QBs when you just had three QBs is stupid.