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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Blue Jays Reporter Rumored To Have Had An Affair With Blue Jays Star

Her name is Jackie Redmond and the rumor is that she's been linked to several Blue Jays players, including star third baseman Josh Donaldson.  According to Terez Owens, the two were caught in bed by Donaldson's longtime girlfriend.

“Josh Donaldson, has been having an affair with Sportsnet reporter Jackie Redmond, and his girlfriend Briana Miller walked in on the two. Since then, she has deleted some photos of her and Josh off her social media. Jackie helps cover the Blue Jays for the Canadian sports station and has since been reassigned to the NHL section, away from the Blue Jays. Sources also say she had hooked up with other Jay baseball players as well."

A little drama in the Blue Jays clubhouse might explain the off year for both Donaldson and the Blue Jays.  There's always next year.

A post shared by Jackie Redmond (@jackieredmond) on

A post shared by Jackie Redmond (@jackieredmond) on