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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Youth Football Coach Choked A Fellow Coach On The Sidelines During A Game

Youth football is a big deal.  Not to the overwhelming majority of people, but to these two coaches it is.  There was a chokehold and a takedown put to use by one of the coaches allegedly over playing time, Tulsa World:

"They will no longer be on the sidelines for us," UYFA President Mark Farquhar said in a statement. "One of them has also been removed from our program all together."

He said the group regrets that the situation happened in front of the youth players.

"We are now hoping that we can move on so that our kids can get back to playing football and finish out on a high note," Farquhar said.

Tough break for the coach who was removed from the program.  I heard he was due for a promotion to middle school football next year.  From there the sky is the limit.