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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Umpire Kicked Out A Yankees Fan For Tipping Pitch Location To Gary Sanchez In Spanish

During last night's final blow to the Tampa Bay Rays shitty season a fan sitting behind home plate was ejected by the umpire.  His alleged crime?  Tipping pitch location to Gary Sanchez in Spanish, via ESPN:

New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi said a fan was "rightfully" ejected from Yankee Stadium during one of Gary Sanchez's at-bats in Tuesday night's 6-1 home win over the Tampa Bay Rays.

Girardi said the umpire ejected the fan sitting behind home plate for "yelling out location for one or two pitches when Gary was up."

Just one question.  If his back is to the fans how did he know which fan was the guilty party?

If only the eyes in the front of his head were as sharp.  Anyway, R.I.P. Tampa Bay, I'm sure next year is your year.