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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Umpire Gets Drilled By A Fastball After Ejecting The Catcher And Manager

Umpire Quinn Wolcott was drilled with a fastball by Tigers pitcher Buck Farmer.  The pitch came shortly after the ejections of starting Tigers catcher James McCann and Manager Brad Ausmus.

McCann and Ausmus were ejected after arguing a 3-2 pitch that was called a ball by Wolcott.

Backup catcher John Hicks appears to miss catching a Farmer fastball on purpose.  The pitch hit Wolcott and dropped him momentarily.

Was it on purpose?  Farmer would claim after the game that he and the catcher got crossed up.

Some aren't buying that excuse.  Former MLB pitcher Dallas Braden is among the skeptical.  Here he is breaking down the film.