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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Despite The Rumors, Mike Gundy's Mullet Is Intact

A Reddit user posted a rumor that Oklahoma State's head coach Mike Gundy had his mullet turned into a rat tail, via Reddit:

My friend says he went to the barber shop this morning. He goes to the same barber as Gundy, apparently. One of the barbers said that the other barber cut Mike Gundy's mullet at his request... INTO A RAT TAIL!

After a few updates and seeking of the truth to the rumor he eventually posted an update that the mullet was indeed fully intact.

EDIT 5: Okay, apparently someone told Gundy's kid about the rumor, someone in the thread posted a tweet saying the mullet is still intact

Thank God this guy didn't just post it and leave it.  This is very important rumor to get to the bottom of.

Long live the mullet!

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