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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Cam Newton Considering A Protest On Sunday In New England

The Carolina Panthers were one of the few teams this past Sunday with no visible sign of protest.  Defensive end Julius Peppers stayed in the locker room during the anthem, but the rest of the team stood on the sideline.

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton said on Wednesday that he was considering a protest on Sunday in New England, via The Charlotte Observer:

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton said Wednesday that he’s “absolutely” taking time to consider a protest this week, when his team plays Sunday at New England.

Newton said he has talked this week with athletes and entertainers, considering what the next steps in responding to comments by President Donald Trump and raising awareness of racial issues in the country.

“The time is upon us to do something to bring people closer together,” Newton said.

I'm not sure the National Anthem protests are necessarily bringing people together.  He will definitely be booed if he decides to sit or kneel for the anthem in New England, Patriots fans booed their own players last weekend for doing so.