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Friday, September 15, 2017

Adrian Peterson Tells Reporters He "Didn't Sign Up For 9 Snaps"

Trouble in New Orleans.  After opening the season with a loss in Minnesota and a viral death stare, Saints free agent pickup Adrian Peterson told reporters he "didn't sign up for 9 snaps."

Via USA Today Sports: "I didn't sign up for nine snaps, though," Peterson told reporters Thursday. "But unfortunately that's the way the game played out. In my mind, personally, I knew it was gonna take some adjusting. You know, me and Mark (Ingram) played in the last preseason game, and AK (rookie running back Alvin Kamara) didn't even play that game. So with all three of us being out there, I knew it would take a game or so to kind of get adjusted."

Peterson must have thought he signed with a different team.  And that it's 8 years ago, because the Saints are a pass heavy team and Adrian isn't the AP of old.

It's either going to be a very long season in New Orleans or a short one for Peterson, if he continues to question playing time.  Sean Payton won't put up with that.