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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

45 Jackasses Dressed Like Magnum P.I. Were Kicked Out Of A Tigers Game This Weekend

According to FOX 2 Detroit, 45 Magnum P.I.'s ejected from a Tigers game on Saturday for catcalling.  They were in attendance for a bachelor's party.

45 men dressed as Thomas Magnum, the Tom Selleck iconic character in the 1980s TV show Magnum P.I., were tossed out of the ballpark Saturday. The huge group was at the game for Joe Tuccini's bachelor party.

The Allen Park resident told FOX 2 that the Tigers told him they were ejected for 'catcalling' but he says that's not true. He said that he thinks the Tigers security escorted him out of the ballpark because the group was drawing attention away from the Tigers - who lost 10-4 to the White Sox.

What a bunch of losers.  First being a huge Magnum P.I. guy, then going to a Tigers game dressed as P.I. for a bachelor's party is lame as hell.

Hopefully they picked up the entertainment once they were tossed.

Here is a video of the group being kicked out.