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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Tomi Lahren Is Not A Fan Of The August 23rd Colin Kaepernick Rally

On Tuesday news of a planned Colin Kaepernick rally at the NFL Headquarters on August 23rd made the rounds.  In large part thanks to Spike Lee, who tweeted a picture promoting the event with Kaepernick's name misspelled on it.

That didn't sit well with troop loving firecracker Tomi Lahren.  So she recorded one of her "Final Thoughts" on the event from the front seat of her car and absolutely blasted it.

Snowflakes better go ahead and get in their "safe space" with their coloring books, because they're not going to like this little blonde's opinion at all.

Who else is ready for the Tomi Lahren and Britt McHenry show?