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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Patriots Fans Put Up A Pole With Deflated Footballs Nailed To It Outside Of Roger Goodell's Neighborhood

This isn't the first time Patriots fans have trolled Roger Goodell near his summer house in Maine.  Back in February deflated footballs were also nailed to a telephone pole.

This time a Patriots Pole with deflated footballs nailed to it was erected, via Off The Monster Sports:

A “Patriots Pole” has popped up on the corner of Black Point Road and Route 1 in Scarborough, with 10 deflated footballs nailed to the sides.

The location is not a new one; deflated footballs were nailed to a telephone pole in the same spot back in February. It’s also the road Goodell has to take to get to his summer home.

His return to Foxboro week one should be very entertaining.