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Thursday, August 24, 2017

One Of Jon Jones' Teammates Thinks He Was Setup

Jon Jones' JacksonWink teammate, Frank Lester, thinks the current light heavyweight champ is being setup.

The thought behind it is a simple one.  Jones was clean his entire camp and would have to have taken a steroid between weigh ins and the fight.  That doesn't make sense.

Here's part of Lester's statement, via Bloody Elbow: "This is a set up, straight up, no athlete would test clean his entire fight camp, and then randomly take some cheap f—king oral steroid betweens weigh ins and fight night knowing he would be tested once he got done fighting. This is a straight set up. They are trying to ruin this kids life. It makes no sense and Jon wouldn't do it. Let's see what happens with all of this but I truly believe Jon is innocent & I hope that all of you will give him a fair chance before you send hateful judgements his way."

Unless he took the steroids the entire camp and somehow passed the drug tests.  But I love the conspiracy theory and hope it's true.