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Sunday, August 13, 2017

In The Wake Of Bryce Harper's Injury The MLB Needs To Replace The Bases With Soft Fluffy Pillows

Bryce Harper suffered a "significant" bone bruise after his foot slid off of a wet base and hit MJ's Smooth Criminal.

All day long there have been the softest of soft people talking about how the bases are too hard and need to give.  Others have suggested they shouldn't play games when it's raining because of the risk of injury.

Harper's soft ass agent, Scott Boras, decided to throw his soft two cents in, via ESPN:

"We go to great lengths with the soil to make sure it's not wet and there are drying agents on the ground,'' Boras said. "I don't know what technology we apply or the studies that have been done on the composition of having a wet base. That's certainly something we need to look into. This injury was directly related to inclement weather and a player putting his cleat on the bag and it slipping across because the surface was slick."

"In the NBA, when a player hits the floor and there's perspiration on the floor, they clean it up immediately so the surface isn't slick. In baseball, we have no one cleaning the bags between innings during inclement weather. Is there observation as the game goes where they would stop and make sure the bag is dry? We don't do that. We don't take measures like that for player safety that could easily be accomplished by the grounds crew and the umpires' observations.''

Why don't we wrap them all up in bubble wrap and replace those hard bases with pillows.  Or how about everyone grow the fuck up and stop being so fucking soft.

Injuries are a part of the game and one dude sliding off of a bag and getting hurt, because he decided to hustle on a grounder to the first baseman, isn't reason to make sweeping changes.