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Friday, August 25, 2017

Floyd Mayweather Talking About How Many Times A Day He Thinks About Sex "I Put The Bread Before I Put A Bitch"

Floyd Mayweather sat down with Snoop Dogg to discuss his upcoming fight.  At least I think that's part of the overall conversation.

Snoop posted just one question that Floyd answered and it was about how many times a day he thinks about sex.

Floyd's answer to the question is an interesting one:

"I think when I'm in training they say your testosterone buildup is crazy.  So the harder I train, the more I think about it.  When I'm not in training then I really don't think about it.  You know I put, you know I put the bread before I put a bitch.  You know what I'm sayin.  I got to put the money first.  But at the end of the day, we wouldn't be here without if it wasn't for the women.  But you know the one thing I always say is this, they say what's the most powerfulest thing on earth.  I say pussy.  They say not money?  I say no, because you gotta come out of pussy to make money.  But um, shit I think about it every time I get a fresh check I think about some more pussy."

Just a little locker room talk is all.  Right MSESPN?  You care to offer up your wisdom on this answer?

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