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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Despite Reports Olivia Munn Is Not In Pieces Over Aaron Rodgers Breakup

OK Magazine is reporting that Olivia Munn is in pieces over the Aaron Rodgers breakup per "sources."

“Aaron told Olivia he was in love with her but that he needed some space; he promised to stay friends and said they would reevaluate things down the line,” explains the source.

“But instead he started dating and left Olivia feeling played. To see him move on with someone else in such a public fashion is like a knife through the heart.”

“She’s trying to play it cool, but it’s obvious she’s still in love with him.”

Per our sources, Olivia is doing just fine and gives no shits about what her cheesehead ex.  Here she is just rocking jocks off like the sexy chick that she is.

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