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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Country Joe West Suspended Three Games For Calling Adrian Beltre The "Biggest Complainer"

Legendary (which in many cases, as it does in this case, means they've been doing it a long time not that they're any good at it) umpire Joe West has been suspended by the MLB for three games.

His offense, besides being terrible at his job, is he said Adrian Beltre the "biggest complainer" in the game.

The comments came during an interview he did with USA Today Sports.  Country Joe West discussed many things in the article, including who was the biggest complainer:

“It’s got to be Adrian Beltre. Every pitch you call that’s a strike, he says, “Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!’ I had a game with him recently and the pitch was right down the middle. He tells me, “that ball is outside.’

“I told him, ‘You may be a great ballplayer, but you’re the worst umpire in the league. You stink.’’

An interesting comment coming from one of the league's worst umpires.  A clear case of who smelt it dealt it.

I don't think the punishment fits the crime in this case.  The proper punishment would be a forced early retirement.

If you look at the evidence as a whole, there's this comment plus 40 years of bad umpiring and looking for confrontation.