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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What A Bananas Sequence Of Basketball At The Women's World Championships

If you think the officiating in the NFL is bad you haven't seen anything yet.  The officials at the U19 Women's World Basketball Championships between Russia and Spain took bad officiating to all new levels.

Check out this sequence.  They first let Russia take the ball out after it was clearly off of them.  They then allow them to take the ball into the backcourt without a call, partially Russia's fault for not knowing what basket they're supposed to shoot on.

Russia then shoots and makes a three on the wrong basket completely blowing the officials minds.  That took a few minutes to sort through before they awarded Spain the three points that Russia scored on the wrong basket and gave Russia the ball.

Must not be any backcourt internationally, although a few of the Russian players seemed to think that was the call.