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Monday, July 3, 2017

Tom Brady Doesn't Dispute That He Gets Concussions All The Time

Tom Brady was asked on ESPN this weekend about comments Gisele made earlier this that he gets concussions all the time and suffered one last season.

Not only did Brady not deny that he suffers concussions, he didn't even mention the dirty "C" word, WEEI:

"She’s there every day," Brady said. "We go to bed in the same bed every night, so I think she knows when I am sore. She knows when I am tired. She knows when I get hit. We drive home together. But, she also knows how well I take care of myself. She’s a very concerned wife and very loving."

Uh oh.  Roger Goodell is already gathering a mob for another Brady witch hunt.  Get ready for Concussiongate.