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Saturday, July 1, 2017

There Was A Bench Clearing Manager Fight In San Diego Last Night

The rarely seen manager fight started Friday night in San Diego with a base runner giving away the location of pitches and ended with both managers being ejected.

Dodgers pitcher Alex Wood's panties were in a bunch when Padres base runner Jose Pirela was giving away locations of his pitches to Padres hitters.  Wood threatened to hit Pirela in his next at bat, so the umpire went out to investigate, via ESPN:

"I went to the mound to change balls out. I've known Alex for a while. I said, 'Alex, what's going on?' He said, 'If he gives away the signs again, I'm going to drill him.' Right then, my hands are tied."

After the investigation the umpire brought the managers together to discuss what was going on and all hell broke loose.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts didn't like something that Padres manager Andy Green said and went after him, causing the benches to clear and both managers to be ejected.

Nothing like a manager fight to liven up an otherwise boring night in San Diego.