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Monday, July 10, 2017

Man Learns His Wife Is A Match For A Kidney Transplant From A Pack Of Baseball Cards

This one is going to hit you in the feels.  A man in need of a kidney transplant, who enjoys opening packs of baseball cards to keep his mind off of his daily stresses, found out his wife was a match for a transplant with a special pack of cards.

Via Purpose 2 Play:

After Heather learned she would be able to donate her kidney, she had a custom-designed baseball card made so she could include it in the same pack that contained Mike Trout and Noah Syndergaard cards.

On the special card was a picture of her beloved husband. Position: “Recipient.”

His bio said, “Steve has had a lot on his plate. With his health issues, he’s been striking out a lot. He was not sure how he was going to wind up. His wife, Heather, thinks he’s a great catch so she’s just dying to go to bat for him. Now Steve will be a rookie recipient…”

A pretty cool story.  Hopefully the surgery goes well and everything works out for them.