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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Jason Whitlock Thinks Colin Kaepernick Is The One With Stockholm Syndrome

Mike Vick made the mistake of saying Colin Kaepernick should cut his afro.  Vick's advice was logically taken by Kaepernick to mean that Vick suffers from Stockholm Syndrome.

FS1's Jason Whitlock's take on the Vick and Kaepernick back and forth took it to a whole new level.

Whitlock thinks Kaepernick has Stockholm Syndrome and that he is suffering from an identity crisis because he was raised by white folks, "Maybe Colin Kaepernick is the one who's been captured and brainwashed."

This probably calls for a Stockholm Syndrome social media post aimed at Jason Whitlock.  Before you know it Vick, Kaepernick and Whitlock will all have Stockholm Syndrome for each other.

(h/t Total Pro Sports)