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Friday, July 28, 2017

Jason Whitlock Calls The Kansas City Star Article On Michael Vick Racist

FS1's serious analyst, non-child blogger, Jason Whitlock went in on his former employer, The Kansas City Star.

Whitlock's issue with them is an article they wrote blasting the Chiefs decision to bring Michael Vick on as a coaching intern.

Here’s a culture clash for you: If you’d never before heard of convicted dog torturer Michael Vick, who just joined the Kansas City Chiefs as a coaching intern, you would not have gotten any hint from the reaction in the sports world to his arrival here that this was anything other than a wildly exciting turn of events.

Let’s just say we don’t see it that way.

We don’t understand how thinking it was highly entertaining to watch trained pit bulls fatally attack family pets at his appropriately named Virginia dogfighting operation, the Bad Newz Kennels, might make the former star pro quarterback just the right guy to mentor and mold other football players.

Where has this dude been?  This isn't Vick's first job since serving his time.  Vick not only served his time, he played in the NFL for the Eagles and the Steelers.  He was nothing less than a model play since his return to society.

This child blogger agrees with Whitlock, this article is embarrassing and racist.