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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Chuck Knoblauch Went After Houston Astros Broadcasters on Twitter

On July 4th former MLB player Chuck Knoblauch set off some fireworks of his own on Twitter.

He was apparently listening to the local broadcast of the Astros-Braves game when he fired off a couple of nasty tweets aimed at the Astros broadcasters, including his former teammate with the Yankees Mike Stanton.

Knoblauch doesn't specify what his issue with the broadcasters was.  Though it's thought to have something to so with a comment about A-Rod, via Total Pro Sports:

Knoblauch’s tweets came in the eighth inning, and the only thing Stanton said that could be considered even close to controversial came when he and Astros’ play-by-play man Todd Kalas were discussing comparisons between the Astros’ Carlos Correa and a young Alex Rodriguez.

“If Correa can come anywhere close to the numbers that Alex Rodriguez put up – and yes, there’s questions about how he got there, but the numbers are the numbers, and they are spectactular,” Stanton said on the broadcast.

It's good to see that Knoblauch is doing well.