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Friday, July 7, 2017

Analytics Nerd Bashes Aging Quarterbacks, Says The Super Bowl Was Tom Brady's Worst Game Of The Season

An article on takes shots at Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Philip Rivers and Eli Manning.  Which isn't hard to do considering these dudes are old as hell by football standards.

Oh what's that you say?  There's a drop off in performance when you hit 35 and above?  Well no shit.

That's not surprising to anyone, except for maybe the guys who had no idea banging your head into things was bad for you.

What is surprising is the part where the author seems to think that Tom Brady is finished and called the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history his worst game of the season.

Acknowledging the quality of the Texans defense and the potential for aberration games lets us explain that game away. However, that Super Bowl performance against an unheralded Falcons defense paired with the Texans display makes for a concerning sample. The Patriots won the Super Bowl so Brady got all the plaudits. Yet it was by far his worst game of the season. He repeatedly tried to give the game away.

From start to finish was it Brady's best game?  Absolutely not, but that in no way means he done.  His worst game of the season was still a Super Bowl victory, his fifth.

Not to mention the fact that the only thing that matters at the end of the day is if he won the game.

That's what all these number crunching assholes can't figure out in their calculations.  The on paper who should have won doesn't fucking matter.