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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Mike Schmidt Doesn't Think The Phillies Can Build Around Odubel Herrera Because Of The Language Barrier

Former Phillies star Mike Schmidt was asked if the Phillies can build a team around Odubel Herrera.  An idiotic question as they appear to already be doing so, but this was his response:

"My honest answer to that would be no because of a couple of things.  First of all, it’s a language barrier.  Because of that, I think he can’t be a guy that would sort of sit in a circle with four, five American players and talk about the game.  Or try and learn about the game or discuss the inner workings of the game.  Or come over to a guy and say, ‘Man, you gotta run that ball out.’  Just can’t be, because of the language barrier, that kind of a player."

And second of all?  That all seemed like one continually ignorant thought and you promised two.

Is he serious?  You build around his baseball talent, not his ability to communicate with his teammates.  Any asshole can sit down with the four or five American players and circle jerk.

To say that because he doesn't speak English he can't learn about the game or its inner workings.  What a take Mike.  I think it's time to go crawl under your rock where those ideas are coherent.