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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Aly Raisman Drops A Self Love Reminder On Instagram

Aly Raisman is providing a public service about self love on Instagram.  She did so in a revealing swimsuit because women don't need to dress modest to be respected.

This is her message:

Wear whatever makes you feel happy and confident. Don't EVER let anyone tell you how you should or shouldn't dress. We are all entitled to wear what we want. Females do not have to dress modest to be respected. Be proud of your body. It's never about the number on the scale it's about the way you feel. You are all unique and beautiful in your own way. No one is perfect. AND no matter who you are, male or female, we all have those days of insecurity. We are all human. Everyone's story is important. EVERYONE. You never know what someone is going through. Thank you all for continuing to inspire me each and everyday. Spread the love guys and enjoy your Monday 💗✨👙#IGotItFromMyMomma #GIRLPOWER

That's a message we can all get behind.  Thanks for the self-love reminder.  I'm going to get right on that.