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Thursday, May 4, 2017

(Video) Curt Schilling Doesn't Believe That Anyone Called Adam Jones The N-word

Former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling decided to give his opinion on the racist Red Sox fans that yelled the N-word at Adam Jones earlier this week.

Curt doesn't believe Jones' story because according to him everybody is starving to be a social justice warrior, NY Daily News:

"I don't believe the story, given the world we live in," Schilling said on his webcast. "I don't believe it, for this reason: Everybody is starving and hungry to sit in front of a camera and talk and be social justice warriors. And if a fan yelled loud enough in center field for Adam Jones to hear the N-word, I guarantee you we would've heard and seen fans around on CNN on MSNBC, they would've found multiple fans to talk about what a racist piece of junk Boston is. Since Tuesday night, we've had one person come forward who we found out was lying about the fact that they were in the area and heard it, and other than that we've had nobody."

Curt's an absolute idiot.  There's absolutely no reason for Jones to make a racist incident up.

Some racist drunk masshole definitely yelled at racial slurs at Jones.  Because that's how their predominantly white crowds roll in racist Boston.